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Sandesh Sedhai Techsikshya Team Member

Hi, I am Sandesh Sedhai. Over a year of time, I have honed my skills in SEO and Content Writing. Whether it is in tech niche or travel niche, I have skills that you might just be looking for.

Leaving that aside, who actually is Sandesh Sedhai?

With dreams to achieve success in everything I am interested at, I am more of a cool guy you will ever meet.

Technically, I am SEO expert and content writer for Techsikshya as they are the field of my interest. More than that, I am the Administrator, who handles the most of the Techsikshya’s website.

Photo of Manoj Shrestha

I, Manoj Shrestha, is a frontend web developer who loves to code in ReactJS. Including the frontend skills, I also love to work in the field of SEO Optimization and Content Writing.

I have been working with ReactJS for a year and still like to upgrade my skills and place myself in certain platform where can I further increase my skill as React Developer.

Also I am currently working in Techsikshya as an admin looking after the Content SEO of the website.

Other skills are Tailwind, NodeJS, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, Java.


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