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Photo of Sandesh Sedhai

Who is Sandesh Sedhai?

Ans: Sandesh Sedhai is an experienced content writer and SEO analyst. Whether it’s a tech or travel niche, he’s got the experience fit for your company.

 Furthermore, he has knowledge and expertise in operating WordPress websites. Looking for someone who can manage WordPress websites, write content, and look out for SEO for your website? I got you!!

Photo of Manoj Shrestha

I, Manoj Shrestha, is a frontend web developer who loves to code in ReactJS. Including the frontend skills, I also love to work in the field of SEO Optimization and Content Writing.

I have been working with ReactJS for a year and still like to upgrade my skills and place myself in certain platform where can I further increase my skill as React Developer.

Also I am currently working in Techsikshya as an admin looking after the Content SEO of the website.

Other skills are Tailwind, NodeJS, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, Java.


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